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The Community Pantry

It was thanks to the success of the Christmas Hamper Donation Scheme that we were able to continue the support for families within Eckington and the Parish in the form of a Community Food Pantry, which is now based in the Eckington Business Centre (Market Street, opposite the Civic Centre)

Many local bodies (including Rykneld Homes, the Eckington Civic Centre and the Eckington Parish Council) were quick to step up and offer their donations and services to move the project along.

Fareshare UK has been excellent throughout the project, in offering us their advice, expertise and the funding necessary in order to set up shop in the Business Centre.

They have also arranged regular deliveries of both surplus groceries and pantry items. They are one of the biggest charitable organisations in the UK and have helped a number of front line charities such as ours in the way of surplus food donations and funding.

The overall support and time given from both local towns people, and local businesses has been overwhelming from start to finish, we can’t thank them enough.

Greystones offered our artwork services in the way of logo design, e-flyers, posters and membership cards for Pantry members, to announce the opening, to make it as easy as possible for families to apply and to recruit new volunteers within the local community.

The Pantry continues to run every Friday from 10am to 12 noon. If you have stumbled across this article and wish to apply, or get involved then please visit the Pantry Facebook page.

If you are a local organisation and are looking to hire a Graphic Designer or Printer in the name of a good cause which could benefit the Eckington Parish community, please consider getting in touch and we will happily extend our services, advice and expertise where possible.

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